November 6, 2008


Demo test run…

November 1, 2008

Mike “the mosher” is a sweet dude and has always taken interest in project of mine. From the kill decibel to crossroad he has supported the bands I have played in. He asked if I would make him a demo tape of our recordings and I agreed. I’ve always had keen interest in design so I went the extra DIY mile with this project. After making this 1 of 1 for mike I decided why not use this as a template and make a few demo’s for our last show. So we should have “LOCALS ONLY” demo tapes for our last show, come out have fun and buy our shit.

Jose from EG asked if we would play tonight just so happens we are practicing tonight anyways so why not play a show too.

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Eating Glass (Record Release Round One) – http://myspace.com/eatingglasshc
Let Down (Philadelphia Straight Edge) – http://myspace.com/letxdown
Crossroad (potheads)
RAH (Hamilton Hardcore) – http://myspace.com/wearerah
Black Birds (Michigan Metallic Hardcore) – http://myspace.com/blackbirdshc

@ Siesta Nouveaux (15 Lower Sherbourne) in Toronto
$8 / 7PM

get shitty.

our next show.


TRAP THEM – touring to support new album!

SURROUNDINGS – new split out on Free Cake!

CROSSROAD – Blues influenced Metallic HC, ex-TKD

VILIPEND – Toronto Crusty Metal Punk


We played an after party show for the terror/death before dishonor/ trapped under ice show that happened earlier on that night. I have pleasantly surprised to see that a ton of people showed up. The rumor was thrown out there that Trapped under ice would do another set for the stuck in the city bro’s. I had a lot of fun at this show it was wicked humid in Teranga but it added to night and made everyone on edge. thanks to greg scott hoibak and vik for thinking bout us yet again. here is the poster and some photo’s from the show.

terror after party show poster
poster designed by wade doobis and marryjane ha.
crossroad@ terror after party

We have arrived…

March 7, 2008

Crossroad is currently a four piece metal band from Toronto. Taking the best sides of grass roots blues and thrash metal to create an unholy spawn of the genre. In just a few months time we have banged out about 7 songs which we hope to demo asap. We also hope to have our first show by the end of the month more details to follow so check back in…