Greg Benedetto is a sweet dude Ive known from the Toronto hardcore scene for some years now.  Just the definition of a real fan of music. Goes to shows and supports touring and local bands to the max. The Toronto and southern Ontario hardcore scene was in a lull there for a while due to many local bands breaking up and the lack of all ages venues for shows. Greg has taken matters into his own hands and has shown what one person can contribute to keeping the local music scene alive and kicking. He has set up his diy promotional company “stuck in the city”
which has been bringing alot of great current bands to Toronto as well as given opportunity to alot of new local acts too. His biggest recent success has been the Fucked up
weekend DVD which I suggest you all buy! There are alot of amazing performances on this thing like: double negative…millennial reign…mind eraser…brutal knights….career suicide…omegas and of course fucked up. If you can get anything outta his blog and attitude is support your local scene and contribute: start a zine, start a band, mosh at a show, buy local and touring bands merch and just be apart of something we say matters to us.



We have arrived…

March 7, 2008

Crossroad is currently a four piece metal band from Toronto. Taking the best sides of grass roots blues and thrash metal to create an unholy spawn of the genre. In just a few months time we have banged out about 7 songs which we hope to demo asap. We also hope to have our first show by the end of the month more details to follow so check back in…